Experiencing Escape Game asThings to do in Jakarta

Imagine you and your friends are locked in the room, and can only come out if it has solved the puzzle and case given in about an hour. In order to increase the tension, one team is given only a few pointers to solve the case.Inspired by online games; this game is made to become more stressful. It is still new in Indonesia, there are still few escape games available in Indonesia since its inception in 2014.Therefore, this activities can be listed in your things to do in Jakarta. There are three recommended places in Jakarta which offered this experience.

  1. Xcape Indonesia.

This place is the first reality escape game room in Indonesia with the theme of Hollywood. Games that carried not only to sharpen the brain and courage, but also requires physical activity. This place will give you experience thrilling things to do in Jakarta. In one team, the number of players is very diverse, ranging from 4-9 people, depending on the selected game theme. The choice of games is also very diverse, ranging from Whisper of The Dead, Chamber of Secrets, and so on. To enter this place, you need to pay for around $10-15 per person.

  1. The Escape Hunt Experience

This one place can be said to carry the first detective game in Jakarta. Here you will play a famous British detective to solve the mystery given. Take about 60 minutes of the game, you with the team can choose various themes available. From Kidnapping In The Study, Murder In The Bedroom, The Laboratory, Robbery On The Beach, and so on. If you are interested in trying, we recommend booking online. At the end of the game, you and your teammates can enjoy the cakes and tea available. Do not forget to exist, invite your teammates to take pictures with detective costumes. With its popularity, it cost higher to play in this arena which around $50.

  1. Lockdown Indonesia

In this game, you should take advantage of the items around you as a guide to get out. The game is based on online escaping game, which then visualized to reality. The game room is quite a lot, ranging from The Chairman’s Office, and so on. Before joining to this game, you will get explanation how to play, and then you will carry a mission which you need to solve and finish before ending the game. This arena is a franchise from Singapore. You can play in this arena for 60 minutes with only paying $12 – $15. No wonder that this place gain popularity as the low price offered.


Playing hunting game will be extraordinary list things to do in Jakarta. You can experience these games while having holiday in Jakarta. After enjoying the thrilling experience, you can enjoy local foods around that arena. You can also have some amazing experience in Jakarta by visiting some amusement parks and other amazing places. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has many amusement places to offer, from local amusement, until modern places.

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